How we help hire better quality candidates?

Our evaluation platform provides industry standard talent acquisition support model where candidates can be screened at every gate. Caselytics assesses both qualitative and quantitative skills in a candidate. Thus, our assessment coupled with phone screening provides a well rounded decision regarding inviting the right candidates for in person rounds

Why scale is important?

How about reducing cost for an interview process? Caselytics replaces the need of personnel travelling to universities for initial rounds of cases interviews or paying for candidates to travel for initial in person round. Caselytics has the ability to process much larger number of candidates being interviewed for a case round, anytime anywhere. It saves both time and money and provides real time comparative output and helps you decide who really are the perfect candidates for in person rounds.

When decision matters?

How about resolving challenges for fitment between an organization and a recent hire? We always hear these types of challenges. Caselytics allows you to screen candidates based on the relevant cases which an organization provides to screen candidates. Cases are aligned to the organization’s needs and this is where a candidate can be tested. Decision making becomes much easier with Caselytics.