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How we test problem solving skills?

Our case platform is designed in a way that a wide array of information is shared with the candidate as they ask for those thereby simulating a brainstorming session. This in turn tests a candidates’ ability to break down a problem to identify which components are critical to analyze to form a reasonable recommendation for the client’s problem

Why convenience matters?

Think about having to reach out to 20 fellow students and alumni to seek their time to practice cases and then only 2 responds back and agrees to practice but at a time that doesn’t fit you well. Repeat your search? Find connections in social network? Well, just tune in to Caselytics and practice at your own time that works best for you and do that as many time as you need. Well, that’s called convenience!

When are you ready?

How do you know you are ready for the big league case interview? We assess and quantify your mock case interview performance and present you with comparative statistics indicating where you stand among peers. This in conjunction with your historical performance trend analysis should be strong indicator of when you are ready to compete with the best in class