Our location has been highly dynamic in nature and we expect it to be so even more in the future. Hope you enjoy learning more about us from a locational/geographic perspective!

Where were we:

Our idea phase started out in Durham, NC back in late 2013 when we were about to wrap up our final term at business school. It is where we experienced the challenges of finding a case partner who could work on a case at one's convenient time and location. In addition, all of us being full time employees and enrolled in the 'Weekend-MBA' program made it even more challenging to find a casing partner as per our convenience.

Where are we now:

We are officially head-quartered in Edison, NJ with presence in Silicon Valley. Our team in east coast covers east and south while mid-west and west is covered by our team in west coast. This ensures we are there to have direct conversations with our clients whenever they need us. However, for our users we are just fingertips away on their mobile devices and laptop/desktop computers - anytime, anywhere.

Where we will be:

We wish to expand our corporate presence beyond United States and evaluating growth options as part of our future road-map. Stay tuned through our social media feeds for regular updates!